an invitation to
bc realtors

be brave

break away from old school thinking and corporate policies 

be richer

pay extremely low fees and keep all your hard earned commission

be yourself

promote your own personal brand and be your own boss 

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This is how a typical BC real estate company operates ...

The typical BC real estate company is still operating with large and often half-empty retail spaces. They have numerous administrative and management staff collecting salaries, alongside an ownership team and / or franchise operator that will always expect a strong revenue stream.  Add some often suffocating corporate policies and it's easy to see why BC Realtors are looking for an alternative arrangement, so they can develop an "independent" brand. 

In short, it's 2021 and there is an ever growing movement by Realtors and clients towards technology, social media, less commuting and the associated freedom of working from anywhere but a cubicle in a typical office environment.

We see things very differently, because we are not typical ...

At Kerritina Real Estate we are very clear regarding our role. 

We have moved away entirely from the old-school model, stripping away all the expensive "Realtor services". These services are an unnecessary financial burden for most Realtors. We have created a very lean business model, operating the company out of an administrative office in Vancouver and a branch office in Whistler.  

Licensed since 1989, our experienced owner and Managing Broker offers guidance and hands-on advice to our Realtors while overseeing all transactions. Additionally, we have a dedicated conveyancer who utilizes Transaction Desk and LoneWolf's Back Office. When a deal is completed, Realtors' commissions are paid electronically, as soon as the funds are cleared within our trust account. 

All our Realtors conduct their business from anywhere they wish. Usually this is from a home office, or maybe they do everything while sitting on a beach in The Caribbean..... it's their choice! We are the absolute definition of a "virtual office" and we believe this is the way of the future for the majority of Canadian Realtors.

We believe we offer the best deal in town for realtors ...

As an extremely efficient real estate office, our overheads are very low. This allows us to offer a financial arrangement that will be very attractive to any Realtor that appreciates our business model.

Our primary focus will always be to ensure our Realtors receive the required oversight from our Managing Broker. We ensure Realtors operate their business within the rules and regulations governing our industry. Our conveyancing and accounting departments compliment this primary focus.


We believe you have earned your commission - so you should keep it..... we do not split your commission. We have a straight-forward deal-fee of just $150 per deal file.


To cover our overheads, our Realtors pay a monthly brokerage fee of just $200 a month.


There are no additional brokerage fees. Anything else a Realtor chooses to subscribe to is at the Realtor's expense. It's your business, so you decide where you want to incur additional costs. 


Please contact us if you have questions or would like to connect directly with our always available Owner / Managing Broker.