Avi Nayyar bw

Avi Nayyar


Phone: 778 - 223 - 6599

eMail: avinayyar@hotmail.com


Avi Nayyar was born in Edmonton and grew up in a real estate-oriented household where his father, grandfather and uncle ran a successful, family-owned business as developers.  He credits the support and guidance of his parents and grandparents for fostering his passion for the business and his desire to be of service in the industry.

Currently based in Vancouver, Avi brings with him over 10 years of experience in residential and commercial real estate, along with his extensive background in developing, building, tenancy management and rezoning applications.


Avi is also a part-time lawyer with his own law firm.  He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from Simon Fraser University and his Juris Doctor from Bond University in Australia. His expertise in both law and real estate allow him to guide clients through all the legal aspects of acquiring or selling a property, and his insightful advice has earned him the trust and respect he enjoys amongst his clients and their referrals.